Alexandave Industries Ltd. was founded in 1980 in Taipei, Taiwan as an OEM manufacturer of sporting goods. 1982 saw the introduction of the "ALEX" brand, specializing in weight training equipment. The ALEX brand is synonymous with quality and value and had since enjoyed popular demand in the European, Japanese, and parts of North American market.

With our 30+ years of experience in fitness equipment, we expanded Our Products portfolio with senior health management systems. The "ALEXIA" brand was introduced in 2008 to promote the concept of "Age Well" for the senior population to gain confidence and independence to achieve a quality way of life. Having witnessed numerous counts of aging pains, we make it our mission to return dignity to the experienced ones.

We strive for excellence in quality and service in what we do. We pride ourselves in our ability to design and develop our signature products as well as satisfying our clients' needs. Our design team aims to capture the essence of joy through contemporary design language to spread the spirit through Our Productss, and we will stay committed to bring our quality and services to the next level.

Company Policy/Strategy
Diversification within discipline :
Maximize stability in growth with innovative derivatives of current product lines with existing assets.
Innovation :
Be constantly creative and open-minded in design, material, and market applications with Our Products. Always hunt for improvement in Our Productss, workflow, and performance and execute with new ideas.
Synergy :
Achieve cohesiveness within our team as well as our clients, suppliers to produce desirable results in products and sales. Adaptation is of paramount importance for growth in the ever-changing marketplace, and communication is key in achieving synergetic adaptation and growth with our affiliates.
Execution :
Execution is the single most important factor to achieve any goals. Innovations are worthless without execution. It is the responsibility of managers to inspire and instill the mindset and attitude of "improvement through execution" subordinates. Reluctance to adapt such attitude will be view as company liability.
Goodness and good deeds:
Love and respect others as one would love and respect him/herself. All you do in life comes back to you. Others will reflect on ones decency.
Honesty and Rectitude:
Be fair and objective. Be honest with oneself and others.
Harmony and balance makes way for universal longevity. Sales and production need harmony. Work and leisure need harmony. Effort and result need to be in harmony.
Simplicity allows flexibility to change and adapt. Keep things simple to for ease of planning, executing, and managing. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid).
Live and Learn:
Humbly learn and manage the unique experiences of others to fulfill your life. Resourcefully learn and manage the skill set of others to accomplish your goals.
Benefit others and ourselves:
Mutually beneficial relationships ensures long lasting bonds between people.


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